Toronto Hydro-Electric chooses the system that will meet its smart metering needs


Blair PeperdyToronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — November 2, 2006 – Canadian utility Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited will deploy 400,000 Elster EnergyAxis electricity meters for the first phase of the Ontario smart meter initiative – one of the largest AMI projects in the world using interval data for residential metering. Elster is a provider of metering solutions to utilities worldwide.

Toronto Hydro-Electric is expanding the EnergyAxis System it began testing in 2004. The utility selected the EnergyAxis System after piloting a variety of technologies and completing a competitive bid process. The system enables it to collect hourly interval and time-of-use metering data on electricity consumption from apartments, townhouses, and single-family residences. The system also has a two-way controlled mesh network which has the ability to penetrate most meter rooms, parking decks, and foliage in a dense urban environment.

“After testing the system for a year we concluded that the EnergyAxis System is suited for our interval data metering needs,” says Blair Peberdy, vice president of Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs at Toronto Hydro Corporation. “Elster Metering (Canada) has to date demonstrated its ability to meet Toronto Hydro’s requirements for reliable delivery of large quantities of Measurement Canada-sealed meters and provide local technical support.”

“We are excited that Toronto Hydro has chosen to implement the EnergyAxis System to meet the Government of Ontario’s smart meter initiative,” stated Jack Robertson, vice president and general manager of Elster Metering in Canada. “Toronto Hydro has put together an impressive program to meet its commitments to the initiative. The company has a very knowledgeable team that understands the technology options and what it takes to make a project of this size a reality. I am very pleased at the confidence they have shown in Elster to deliver the technology they need now, and for the future.”