Torontonians will use less electricity if offered a financial incentive – Toronto Hydro survey

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, ON, Canada —- (METERING.COM) — August 21, 2006 – Canadian utility Toronto Hydro has today released results from its recent survey to gauge customer reactions to energy conservation initiatives, showing that 70 percent of residents would use less electricity if offered a financial incentive.

Toronto Hydro has introduced the Summer Challenge, where customers are offered financial incentives in exchange for electricity conservation and energy reduction. If participants manage to save at least 10% over the summer months, compared to last year’s usage, they will receive an additional 10% credit as an incentive.

Residential and small commercial customers (using less than 50kW per month) who have lived at the same premises since at least September 1, 2005 have automatically been enrolled in the Summer Challenge program. Toronto Hydro has established a daily average kWh consumption that will be applied during the Challenge period.

The survey further revealed that:

  • Over one quarter (29%) of Toronto’s residents have indicated they would use electricity more liberally if it were offered free of charge.
  • Nearly one in five Torontonians (18%) admitted they don’t really think about how much electricity they use on a daily basis.
  • Some of the younger respondents (9%) even confessed they would consider “sneaking” electricity, if no one could find out they were doing it.