TransData smart meter patent deal

US electric meter manufacturer TransData has sold a patent for its wireless smart meter technology to a UK wireless street light company.

The deal with Telensa represents the fifth licensing agreement between the Dallas-based company and meter manufacturers and utilities.

Licensees include M2M Engineering, Alabama Power Company, Georgia Power Company, Mississippi Power Company and Wisconsin Power & Light Company.

Speaking about the latest deal, Trace Gleibs, president of TransData, said: “We appreciate the fact that Telensa recognized the significant value our patents provide and voluntarily approached TransData to license our patents.”

Smart meter patent infringement

Ms Gleibs’ comments refer to a number of alleged unlawful uses of TransData’s patented technology for wirelessly communicating digital electric meters equipped with an internal ‘under-glass’ wireless communication circuit and antenna.

In 2010, the company initiated patent infringement lawsuits against a number of companies.

The cases are currently consolidated in federal court in Oklahoma and are anticipated to be presented to a jury next year.

Global licensing deals

In June 2014, the advanced metering infrastructure manufacturer licensed its wireless smart meter patents to M2M Engineering, a communication module maker. 

Based in Essex, Telensa provides street light wireless monitoring and control system services managing more than half a million street lights.