Trilliant partners with Energate for demand response pilots


Ottawa, Canada — (METERING.COM) — May 14, 2008) — Energate Inc. has announced that Trilliant Incorporated, a provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) based on open standards, has been working with Energate and its smart thermostat on a number of demand response (DR) pilots that focus on the needs of both the utilities and consumers. In particular, Energate and Trilliant, in cooperation with other DR partners, have launched a unique 2008 pilot with E.ON US to measure how consumer-centric DR solutions can have a positive effect on energy usage.

This represents a pioneering use of two-way RF mesh network communications combined with next generation in-home energy management technology, supporting both metering and DR on the same platform.

“In developing their smart thermostats, the Energate team has taken consumers into account, providing features and information that empower them to manage their energy use more effectively. This approach is incredibly valuable for driving high customer satisfaction,” said Geoff Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer at Trilliant. “From a technical perspective, their heritage and expertise provide peace of mind to both Trilliant and our customers.”


Building on its experience in the HVAC industry, the Energate team has developed home energy management solutions that balance the needs of utilities with those of consumers. Its smart thermostats integrate with Trilliant’s SecureMesh™ intelligent communications platform supporting DR and load shedding applications supporting time- of-use rates, critical peak pricing and consumer messaging.

From a homeowner’s perspective, Energate delivers consumer empowerment through support of overrides, the use of plain language, multi-lingual interfaces and context-sensitive help screens, allowing consumers to understand and control where energy is being used, at what cost, and how it can be reduced. And once configured, Energate’s advanced climate control algorithms ensure comfort is maintained consistently and efficiently.

“Through its AMI solutions and services, Trilliant has emerged as a clear leader in helping utilities improve operational efficiencies and grid reliability,” said Niraj Bhargava, CEO of Energate. “As Trilliant’s partner in demand response programs, we are excited by the opportunity to help utilities and consumers work together to more wisely manage our limited energy resources.”