TRUCheck, a high accuracy transformer metering and monitoring solution, has been introduced by Tantalus, as part of its TUNet suite of products for residential and commercial applications for public power.

TRUCheck will allow utilities to utilize real time meter data to address the highest levels of electric transformer monitoring with a rugged, easy to implement device. Features include proactively pinpointing and reporting true power theft and other non-technical line losses such as over loaded distribution assets; protecting and maximizing utilization of field distribution transformer assets through real time load monitoring; and detecting and reporting irregularities and events in power quality.

TRUCheck is designed as a meter vendor agnostic device incorporating ABB LVS sensors with an ANSI standard socket that accepts data collected by any 4S or 9S smart meter. This allows utilities with existing investments in AMI to further leverage their smart meters for advanced applications such as asset monitoring and protection, theft detection/reduction, blink detection, and tampering notifications. Further, TRUCheck can be utilized to help utilities monitor and manage municipal streetlight assets, including identifying non-working lights.

TRUCheck can be installed in minutes by utility meter reading personnel, and is easily integrated with virtually any AMI network and any third party MDM platform for data presentment and monitoring. Real time data pushed by the TRUCheck device to the MDM interface includes transformer load profiles, voltage and current profiles, power quality management, and power factor.

“We’re proud to add TRUCheck to our product suite,” said Chuck Armatys, Tantalus senior product manager. “TRUCheck has been designed as an easily deployed means to further leverage existing AMI investments, deter theft to help keep electric rates low, and to proactively detect drops in power quality, all while improving customer service.”