TUNet®-compatible SENTINEL® polyphase meters from Tantalus and Itron


Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 26, 2012 – The commercial availability of the factory-integrated, TUNet-compatible Itron SENTINEL® C&I meter newly equipped with Tantalus communication modules is now commercially available, the companies have announced.

The development marks the first major milestone of the partnership between Itron and Tantalus, which was launched in September with the aim to deliver smart grid communications and metering solutions to the public power market.

The TUNet®-enabled SENTINEL meter will allow utilities to provide real time interval data, advanced demand measurements, real time power quality monitoring, and flexible demand reset capabilities to their high-use C&I customers. This expanded functionality positions the utility to offer a significantly greater level of customer support while simultaneously enabling C&I customers to manage costs and complex pricing schedules more quickly and effectively.

Jackson Energy Authority (JEA), located in Tennessee, will be the first utility to receive the C&I meter for installation, leveraging the Tantalus Homerun™ fiber network it deployed last year.

“The ease of configuration, factory integration, and rich set of data intensive features were key criteria for JEA in selecting the Itron/Tantalus SENTINEL solution for our C&I deployment,” said Jim Ferrell, JEA CEO.

The partnership was established to expand the offering of TUNet-enabled SENTINEL and CENTRON metering products with an integrated network for multi-service public utilities across North and Central America and the Caribbean.