Turnkey software platform for smart meter networks unveiled by PortaOne


Roman Khalenkov,
Sales & Marketing
Director, PortaOne
Coquitlam, BC, Canada — (METERING.COM) — March 22, 2011 – PortaMDM, a meter data management and billing software platform for electricity, gas, water and sewer utilities, has been unveiled by global software provider PortaOne, Inc.

Compatible with all major brands of smart meters, PortaMDM is a unified, real time billing and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) application that brings new innovation and flexibility to smart metering networks, driving increased end user efficiency and creating powerfully enhanced profit opportunities.

PortaMDM is tailored to the needs of medium-to-large smart metering networks and automated meter reading (AMR) setups. Also suitable for residential, commercial and industrial submetering systems, the platform gathers and accumulates usage data from smart meters, processes the data, and then rates it according to the service provider’s particular billing configuration. PortaMDM also supports Google PowerMeter, enabling viewing of energy consumption from a web browser, in real time.
“All of our knowledge has been applied to PortaMDM, with the goal of making it the best and most forward thinking product of its kind,” said Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne. “PortaMDM not only scales to meet any size customer base, but also provides the flexible business rules and product features that drive both income and customer convenience.”

PortaMDM is compatible with all major meter brands including Veris, Acuvim, Dent, Contrel and Conzerv. Its billing engine allows service providers to bill customers directly according to any rating scheme the provider chooses; different rates, for example, can be applied based on time of day, reactive energy, or committed volume.  

Customers are able to manage many aspects of their provisioning and account maintenance themselves through PortaMDM’s self care pages.  Providers and customers alike can dynamically monitor usage in real time, and through the interface relevant, customized energy conservation tips can be introduced.

On the billing side, PortaMDM includes a flexible billing engine that can rate consumption data according to the configuration, rules and tariffs set by the utility or, in commercial settings, the property manager. Statements can be used for invoicing, accounting, and payments, and customer notices and statements can be delivered automatically via email.

For evaluation purposes a fully-functional, 90-day trial license for PortaMDM for non-commercial use is available.