Tennessee Authority seeks to boost efficiency with digital app


CLEAResult will deploy energy efficiency programmes powered by an online platform, eScore, for residential consumers across North America.

The app developed by the TVA, in partnership with the US based solutions provider and 154 local power companies, is said to provide homeowners with expert advice, incentives and multiple educational resources to help them to implement sustainable energy use.

[quote] The solution analyses the consumption patterns of appliances within a home and provides the owner with tips on upgrading their equipments to make their homes less energy consuming.

Since the launch of eScore in early 2015, the technology has paved way for upgrades of 33,000 appliances within 28,000 US homes. The upgrades have resulted in the total savings of power reaching 37GWh.

CLEAResult CEO Aziz Virani, said: “eScore takes an omnichannel approach that gives homeowners a seamless and consistent experience across all of a utility’s demand-side management programs, whether the homeowner engages via the mobile app, the website, retail stores, or contractors.”

The deal falls under the TVA’s efforts to expand the adoption of its technology in the region. The federally owned corporation provides electricity for business customers and local power distributors serving more than 9 million customers in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky counties.

Energy efficiency in the US

The collaboration follows an announcement by the US department of Energy (DOE) that it has launched a US$3 million energy efficiency project to help federal governments to improve their energy conservation measures.

The DoE said state governments will secure the funding, ranging between US$200,000 to US$1 million, through its Federal Energy Management Programme (FEMP).

FEMP provides assistance in the form of information, tools and funding to help agencies and organisations to meet and track their energy-related requirements and goals. [WGL Energy improves energy management with Innowatts app].

The grants are aimed at assisting small facilities owned by  federal governments to implement water and energy efficiency projects such as replacing existing lighting, HVAC and water systems with energy efficiency models.

The money will also be used to install solar PVs to reduce stress on the grid as well as generation of extra revenue through selling of power to utilities.

In addition, the FEMP grants will also be used to monitor the deployment and effectiveness of energy efficiency programmes receiving funding from the Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) ENABLE, states the statement.

Image credit: pixabay.com.