Two AMR contracts awarded

Beachwood, OH, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 24, 2007 – Two new AMR contracts have been awarded to Hexagram Inc., a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc.; the company will provide the AMR system, while its partner Neptune Technologies Group will supply the new water meters.

The first contract calls for Hexagram to provide an automatic meter reading system to replace obsolete meter reading equipment in the Village of Streamwood, IL., located approximately 33 miles northwest of Chicago. The village, with a population of 36,500, wanted state-of-the-art technology and appointed Hexagram as the preferred vendor for its patented STAR® wide area fixed network.

The STAR Network AMR system utilizes a three-part fixed network comprised of meter transmitters, a series of data collectors, and one or more network control computers. The initial reading is taken directly at the water meter by a meter transmission unit (MTU). Readings are then forwarded on via an FCC-licensed radio frequency to a data collector unit (DCU). The DCU forwards the information to the water utility which provides information and billing to its customers.

Hexagram’s partner in the water market, Neptune Technologies Group, will supply new water meters through local Chicago distributor Water Resources, Inc.

The second project is in Chelsea, MA, a city of approximately 35,000 located near Boston, and is being led by Neptune Technology Group. Hexagram will once again provide its fixed network AMR system; Troupe Water Services will install both the meters and the MTUs.