Radiotronix, an embedded wireless company, has received an order for 100,000 WiM900T modules from Transparent Technologies (T2) an OEM that manufactures water AMR solutions. Radiotronix manufactures the WiSE™ family of RF modules, which are all footprint compatible and include RF-only and protocol-enabled modules.

The market for water meter applications is moving towards two-way communications in the meter pits, to facilitate fixed meter reads and simplify installation and maintenance. T2 is starting with the low-cost Wi.M900T to replace its existing transmit-only solution. The Wi.M900T is a DTS spread-spectrum transmitter, allowing the customer to double the effective operating range with no real penalty for battery life or cost. T2’s next generation of products will be two-way, and by replacing the Wi.M900T with the Wi.M900X transceiver module, the company will be able to create a two-way version of the AMR product.

The WiM900T/X modules are RF only and are available in US and European versions.