U.S. utilities apply for smart grid demonstration funding


Steven Chu, U.S.
Energy Secretary
Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 3, 2009 – With the deadline for the application of stimulus funding for smart grid demonstrations past, further reports of utilities applying for funds have been coming through.

Two applications have been reported previously, Consolidated Edison’s application for approximately $46 million to test various smart grid technologies in a large-scale demonstration (see Con Edison issues new request for smart grid stimulus funding), and Oncor’s application for $3.5 million for an installation of tension monitoring equipment (see Oncor seeks stimulus funds for real-time dynamic transmission line study).

Other applications reported include:

  • AEP Ohio – $75 million to support the gridSMART(SM) demonstration in northeast central Ohio, including the installation of approximately 110,000 advanced electricity meters, new distribution grid technology, distributed energy sources, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, smart appliances, and consumer systems and products to help customers manage electricity use and costs.
  • Beacon Power Corporation – $46.7 million to support funding of the company’s next two 20 MW flywheel energy storage plants.
  • Kansas City Power & Light – $24 million for smart grid technology in Kansas City’s Green Impact Zone, including upgrading of metering systems.
  • Tucson Electric Power – $25 million to support the “Bright Tucson” project, which would employ energy storage systems and a demand response program to optimize the output of a new 1.6 MW photovoltaic array.

An amount of $615 million has been allocated for smart grid demonstrations and grid-scale energy storage projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and between 20 and 30 projects are expected to be funded.