University of Cyprus opens BPL Competence Center for Smart Metering

Prof. George E.
Georghiou, University
of Cyprus 
Nicosia, Cyprus and Vancouver, BC, Canada — (METERING.COM) — September 25, 2013 – The University of Cyprus has opened a BPL Competence Center for Smart Metering as part of its newly established Research Center for Sustainable Energy, with the support of Corinex Communications.

The Center is equipped with the latest Corinex BPL-to-the-meter technology, with facilities for testing and validating BPL communications performance on LV and MV lines and free samples from leading meter vendors.
The Center forms part of the University’s School of Engineering, with a dedicated staff of over 20 researchers under the leadership of George E. Georghiou, former Fellow at the University of Cambridge and the Chair of Photovoltaic Technology at the University of Cyprus.

BPL technology is hundreds of times faster than any other narrowband powerline technology used for meter data acquisition, yet at nearly the same nominal costs. This high speed capability makes it easy to deploy and apply full AES 56-bit or 128-bit security. It also offers endless opportunity for further innovation.

“I believe we are seeing the beginning of a major shift in requirements in metering infrastructure from collecting meter data for billing purposes to load management within the meter cluster,” said Georghiou. “As ever growing proportions of our energy are produced by renewable sources, this management has to be dynamic. This can only be achieved using a very high speed communications technology – BPL.”

In this commercial cooperation, parties plan to enrich the Corinex BPL concentrator and SmartGrid solution with new algorithms researched and developed by the University, and then validate them with Corinex customers. The University also plans to introduce a new learning subject specialization: Energy Sustainability and Smart Grids, which include BPL and its applications in the energy sector.