Upgrade of outage management system a huge success


Nova ScotiaHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — (METERING COM) — September 21, 2006 – Nova Scotia Power Inc., an electric utility providing power to more than 450,000 customers in the province, is reporting outstanding testing performance from its newly upgraded SPL outage management system.

The upgrade went live on August 12th, and the utility reports that its OMS application is running multiple times faster. After the upgrade, customer service representatives are able to access the right records very quickly when a customer calls in to report an outage.

NSPI executed an emergency service restoration plan drill in July. Outage response planners launched an unannounced series of events that simulated large storm conditions and – with a load of 5.000 events and more than 86,000 customers predicted out – the new system achieved improved login and subscribe times. Internal evaluators described the results as “a huge success”.