Riverside city, California has signed a deal with M2M network provider Ingenu to supply a connectivity solution for the city’s electricity distribution infrastructure.

In a press statement, the San Diego-based solutions provider claims that the city’s power utility, Riverside Public Utilities, will benefit from its machine network technology in multiple ways including improved grid management and customer satisfaction.

Ingenu said the solution will reduce the utilities’ response time to attend to grid outages for power restoration.

Commenting on the development, Girish Balachandran, general manager of Riverside Public Utilities said the platform integrated with Ingenu’s Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) “can be scaled to meet [their] diverse needs into the future.”

According to a company statement, the city is the first customer of the machine network in Riverside.

In addition to enhanced grid management, the solution is said to help the utility in reducing infrastructure and operational costs, as it leverages existing infrastructure for deployment of access points.

[quote] The solution, currently operating in 38 private networks across the globe, will allow the utility to add in multiple IoT applications with no need for additional network investments.

Tom Gregor, president of machine network at Ingenu added: “The City of Riverside is taking an innovative step towards becoming a smart city, starting with the adoption of RPMA technology via the machine network.”

Ingenu expects deploy its machine network in over 3o metropolitan areas within the US by the end of 2016.

Smart network development

In the last quarter of 2015, US-based smart communications provider Trilliant engaged in a MoU with Ingenu to acquire its smart grid application.

Under the terms of the deal, Trilliant integrated Ingenu’s Random Phase Multiple Access (RMPA) network technology into its smart communications platform. [German utility uses Trilliant module for smart grid pilot]

The addition of the RMPA technology complemented Trilliant’s multi-tier RF mesh and cellular solutions powering the company’s network management and UnitySuite Smart Metering Head End System, said Andrew White CEO of Trilliant.

Mr White said the collaboration will provide utilities with the simplicity of one platform supporting multiple technologies built with open standards, and having broad industry support.

The deal also allowed Ingenu to enhance its network ecosystem partnerships while expanding is Machine Network.


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