US communications firm launch pilot on digital customer experience


In the US, digital communications solutions provider, SmartMark has this week launched a campaign to raise awareness and education around the customer experience in a digital world.

According to a press statement, as part of the campaign SmartMark has kick-started a research study on how customers want to be communicated to in the digital world.

SmartMark says the report looks at how customers in smart home and smart grids, and infotainment sectors are investing in technologies and adopting new behaviour trends.

Commenting on the development, Juliet Shavit, President and CEO of SmartMark said, “There is a lot of buzz around IoT and Connected Lifestyle, but we are still making progress in what this all looks like and how to define the parameters and IT requirements of a purely digital world.”

Shavit added “Customers play a pivotal role in the success of smart communities, because they must adopt new technologies and behavior change for the technology investments to pay off.”

This data is critical to organizations looking to market goods or encourage behavior change in a connected world.

Customer experience in North America

In other customer experience news, Colorado-based software-as-a-service company, Simple Energy, launched its e-commerce platform providing a link between utilities and customers through personalized communication and energy-saving tips in Q2 of 2015.

Simple Energy’s marketplace offered energy-saving household products and services with instant rebates at the point of sale.

The rebates provided consumers with savings on energy-efficient purchases and give utilities increased participation in rebate programs and additional value-added services to enhance customer engagement.

According to a company statement, the platform also delivers individualized energy-saving tips and recommendations through personalized emails, assisting customers to make energy-savvy choices.

The platform has been adopted by participating utilities, including San Diego Gas & Electric, which offer the solution as a branded service, said Yoav Lurie, CEO and founder at Simple Energy.

Commenting on the launch of the e-commerce platform, Mr Lurie said: “We created Simple Energy Marketplace to fill a void that has existed for too long between utility and customer.

“Every person’s energy usage is unique, and how their utility communicates with them should reflect that.”