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Edge intelligence: There is a current trend toward the move of data intelligence from the utility control centre to the edge of the grid, observes Jonathan Spencer Jones, content analyst at Engerati
US data companies partner energy efficiency
Urjanet automated utility data and Power TakeOff’s monitoring, analytics and reporting SaaS platform enables utilities to streamline data processing and identify gaps for increased energy efficiency

In the US, data solution providers Urjanet and Power TakeOff have partnered to provide utilities, energy consultants and large corporate companies with a solution to simplify utility data acquisition and lower customer data aggregation costs.

Urjanet’s cloud-based platform automates utility data by extracting and normalising disparate utility bill and interval data directly from the source, and delivers it into the business systems and products that rely on it.

Data monitoring, analytics, and reporting provider Power Takeoff will use Urjanet data sourced from over 1,400 utilities worldwide to create user-friendly dashboards, alerts and reports through a software-as-as service platform.

Strategic energy management

The US has 47,000 utility rate structures with thousands of bill formats, which can make it difficult for customers to evaluate the energy savings potential of company facilities, said Peter Widmer, vice president of business development and marketing at Power Takeoff.

Urjanet’s automated data feed, he said, will enable customers to go beyond basic energy management to strategic planning by understanding their energy consumption across a broad portfolio of facilities.

According to a Urjanet statement, the US Energy Information Administration reports that energy costs have risen by 20% since 1995 and will increase by another 25% in the next five years.

Gary Brooks, chief marketing officer at Urjanet, commented: “Customers will be able to determine where best to invest using one-minute interval data monitoring for a more granular view.”