US energy storage giant extends operations to Europe

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US energy storage solutions company AEM has announced it will expand its operations into European and new US markets to support the increasing adoption of renewable integration in these regions.

According to John Zahurancik, president of energy storage at AES, said it has more than 1,000MW of energy storage projects in development, with 20MW under construction or at late stage development.

AEM, which develops lithium-ion batteries, has storage projects underway in Chile, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands as well as the US states of Maryland, California and Indiana, according to Reuters.

The Alamitos Energy Center battery project in California is reported to be the largest new AES storage at 100MW.

European expansion

The Virginia-based company plans to begin construction on utility storage projects in Northern Ireland and the Netherlands, with deployment scheduled for 2016.

Commenting on the two installations, AES said: “Both will provide fast, accurate power to improve grid efficiency and reliability assisting with grid integration and operations.

AES will be the first to deliver advanced energy storage projects off this scale in both countries, providing safe and emissions-free power.”

Zahurancik added: “The electricity grid is poised for a major transformation and AES is proud to work with leading utilities and power systems to bring advanced storage to a new scale.

“Energy storage is lowering costs and improving critical grid infrastructure for customers around the world.”