Avista Utilities selects Itron for grid modernisation


In a combined statement, the utility serving 375,000 electric and 335,000 gas consumers said it will deploy Itron’s IoT technology, OpenWay Riva, to improve its grid management through real time monitoring.

Avista believes the solution will help it reduce its power and gas losses, enhance customer service and engagement as well as provide a foundation for integration and operation of multiple smart city applications.

The platform will allow the city to deploy smart meters for theft detection, automatic meter readings and communication with consumers.

[quote] The utility will also use the solution to employ smart city technologies such as street lighting and electric vehicle charging systems.

Heather Rosentrater,  vice president of Energy Delivery at Avista commented: “We selected Itron for our multi-year Advanced Metering project because its OpenWay Riva solution can deliver the capabilities we need today and provide the flexibility and foundation for additional applications in the future to meet the evolving expectations and needs of our customers.”

The US based energy management firm claims its solution comprises of an Adaptive Communications technology which combines radio frequency, powerline carrier and Wi-Fi allowing it to automatically switch to a most efficient, reliable and available communication path depending on its location and network operating conditions. [Itron assists smart cities development through ‘readiness guide’].

Itron in the  IoT technology sector

In early February, the company launched a subsidiary aimed at increasing IoT partners and applications for its IoT communication platform OpenWay Riva.

The organisation – Itron Idea Labs – will develop new business opportunities in high growth industries and emerging markets that are using the Itron Riva technology.

The Washington-based firm said Idea Labs will focus on the development and testing of new smart grid and IoT applications, and will engage with customers to identify their business needs.

Dr. Roberto Aiello, managing director of the Itron Idea Labs, said “We are confident in the growth, efficiency and innovations that Itron Ideas Lab can provide for the industry, bringing the power of IoT faster.”



Image credit: www.itron.com.