US smart water: Electro Scan features in new waste manual


The manual ‘Operation and Maintenance of Waste Water Collection Systems’ released in December 2015 is utilized by operators, managers and consulting engineers in the management of water worldwide, according to a company statement.

“Our manual was originally designed to allow for self-paced instruction where operators worked at their own speed,” said Ken Kerri, former Director of the Office of Water Programs, California State University.

Today, the Office of Water Programs is a nonprofit organization operated by University Enterprises, California State University, providing distance learning programs for the operation and maintenance of drinking water and waste water facilities.

ElectroScan claims its low voltage technology identifies and quantifies leakage amounts in gallons per minute where defects are not identified by certified closed-circuit television operators or by using other inspection techniques.

Electro Scanning Inspection also provides wet-weather condition assessment information and can be used by utilities to locate sources of sanitary sewer overflows and find defects in newly repaired or relined pipes.

The edition is the seventh edition of the guide, which was originally published in 1976.

US smart water

In other US smart water news, utility field software company Trimble launched latest version of its smart water mapping and work management cloud software Trimble Unity version 2.0 during the Q3 of 2015.

The new iteration of the software was designed to automate a variety of industry workflows through individual apps that can support smart meter deployment, assess the condition of assets, help with leak repair and reduce non-revenue water losses.

The field management software can also locate and map critical infrastructure using Trimble GNSS mapping technologies and has the new feature of Bring Your Own Device mapping receivers for smart devices and cloud-based single sign-on integration with Esri ArcGIS Online.

Utilities can use the product to search and group different types of assets, including meters, pipelines, valves and hydrants, into prioritized collections of work that can be assigned to crews for completion.

Trimble claimed the new features will allow utilities to reduce the time and cost associated with water asset repair and installation work.

Rami Naber, product manager for Trimble Water, said: “Water utility workers in the field have a wide variety of products they use on a daily basis, so we’ve designed Trimble Unity version 2.0 to be compatible with a broad range of devices—including Trimble handhelds and iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.”

Trimble Unity offers a unified cloud-based and mobile collaboration platform for smart water mapping and work management.

The California-based company said Trimble Unity version 2.0 is available now from Trimble’s Water Division and distributors.