In the US, a collaboration between two technology companies promises to ease communication between the smart grid and Internet of Things-enabled products such as thermostats, lights, load switches, solar power and appliances.

California-based Candi Controls, creator of a unifying framework for smart device data, and IPKeys, a developer of smart grid technologies for government and industry, have partnered to connect OpenADR 2.0b-certified communications from the smart grid to a multitude of everyday devices in homes and commercial buildings, creating price-based controls that reduce waste and energy costs.

The integration of IPKeys’ OpenADR 2.0b-certified EISSClient 2.0 technology with Candi’s product ‘PowerTools’ data framework allows price and demand signals from the smart grid for the first time to reach a huge selection of energy management products such as thermostats.

Chief executive officer of Candi Controls Steve Raschke said: “Leveraging IPKeys’ software shortened our development time to link with OpenADR 2.0b-certified systems.

“This collaboration will help simplify and propagate demand response-based energy efficiency to millions of off-the-shelf commercial and consumer devices via the latest OpenADR data profile, benefitting energy consumers and utilities alike.”

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