US water utility selects Aclara for AMI rollout


Under the contract, the solutions company will provide the water utility with a network to allow meter data acquisition and processing.

Aclara claims its technology Synergize STAR will help the Missouri American Water to improve its services to some 340,000 customers in St. Louis County in the US state of Missouri.

[quote] In total, the utility serves 1.5 million consumers in the US and Canada.

The project is expected to improve the largest investor owned utility in Missouri’s ability to accurately bill consumers’ water consumption by eliminating estimated bills.

In addition, the water utility believes the system will provide it will real time insights on the performance of the network, a development which will help to reduce the utility’s operational costs as well as improve its network efficiency through provision of functionalities such as quick leak detection to reduce non revenue water.

The deal also follows Aclara’s acquisition of GE’s electric meters business and two contracts for provision of smart electric meters to Consolidated Edison Company and O&R utilities in the first quarter of 2016. [US city plans to deploy smart water meters].

Smart meters communications

In mid May, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) also partnered with data storage solutions provider Dispersive Technologies to ensure a secure automated data communications.

In a press statement, the US based solutions provider said it will integrate its platform Virtualised Networks to improve the performance and reliability of the smart grid data telemetry within the utility’s network.

Commenting on the development, Steve Berberich, CEO of ISO said: “Electricity markets continue on a path toward regionalisation, unlocking the potential for expanding resource flexibility, transmission capabilities, and clean energy.

“To realize this potential, industry expansion must be both nimble and secure. Current methods of securing telemetry lack scalability and are relatively costly to implement or are incomplete. We are pleased to be implementing this new technology to better secure our networks and improve performance,” added Berberich.

The California ISO serves 30 million electric consumers by managing the operation of electricity across the high voltage, long distance power lines in California and Nevada.

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