Utility installs AMR system

Mississippi Power Company, a subsidiary of Southern Company, has installed Elster Electricity’s EnergyAxis® system with intelligent two-way communications and controlled mesh network. The system uses a 900 Mhz network comprised of Elster’s new single phase electronic REX™ meters and A3 ALPHA® meter collectors, allowing for the collection of power consumption and voltage data from residential homes.

The utility is in the process of deploying 500 system meters at two test locations, both with hilly terrain and wooded areas with mature trees. In order to evaluate the coverage of Elster’s two-way RF technology, one test location has typical underground power lines, with many of the meters installed on residential lots larger than one acre. The other site has overhead power lines, higher population density and more wooded areas, with most meters installed on smaller lots. Initial results with about 60 REX meters showed that every meter registered successfully.