Vattenfall expands its data collection system


Ken Oshman,
Chairman and CEO,
San Jose, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 10, 2007 – Swedish utility Vattenfall has exercised options for 200,000 additional meters and associated data concentrators under the framework contract signed with Echelon Corporation in December 2005. This brings the total number of meters released under the agreement to 500,000, with two additional options for 100,000 meters each available for exercise through late 2008.

Sweden is in the process of transitioning to fully-automated residential electricity metering, in response to legislation designed to promote a more open and efficient energy market.

"Vattenfall’s decision to expand upon their NES system is the best endorsement we could ask for," said Ken Oshman, Echelon’s chairman and CEO. "We believe it proves not only that the project is highly successful, but it is also a testament to the value of the NES system and to the project management and operations skills of our partner, Telvent SA, from whom Vattenfall is procuring the system."

Echelon has also agreed to make some updates available in the first half of 2007 that will enable Vattenfall to optimize and reduce communications costs while collecting enhanced information about the quality of service delivered to its customers.

"With over 100,000 meters, associated data concentrators, and system software already deployed in the field, this project is one of the largest, most successful, and most quickly deployed projects in Sweden," said Manuel Sanchez Ortega, Telvent’s chairman and chief executive officer. "Our expectation is that the number of meters deployed will more than triple by the middle of this year, making this project a showcase for advanced metering systems in Europe and the world."