Visit Powerlearn – An advanced internet site

Members of Iowa State and Virginia Tech educational facilities in the USA, funded by NSF and EPRI, have made an Internet site available that goes a long way towards centralising power engineering resources on one site. This site, called PowerLearn, is a web-based system for soliciting, reviewing, storing and disseminating power engineering resources. It is targeted towards enhancing the quality of education in the power field by centralising a storage centre for high quality, peer reviewed instructional resources; expanding the ability of an instructor to tap a large, worldwide body of expertise; and enabling fast response by educators to changing technologies and curricular needs. “Library” facilities also exist to accept, catalogue, store and disseminate software, images, text, videos and so on.

Registration is done by visiting the site, but is available only for professionals in academia or industry. However all visitors can browse part of the site as a guest. The site presently has a number of modules that can be obtained once registration has been approved, but the vision is that further modules will be added as fast as possible.