Canadian utility adopts volt optimisation to improve grid efficiency


Emera Maine manages an energy transmission and distribution system serving some 159,000 customers in northern and eastern Maine.

The utility will have its energy network in Hampden, Maine integrated with Dominion Energy’s voltage optimisation suite EDGE to improve consumer energy efficiency and reduce transmission and distribution energy losses.

Emera Maine says it chose its Hampden service territory for the implementation of the technology due to varying energy consumption behaviour of its consumers in the region.

The technology will allow voltage reduction within the network to the extent that consumer energy efficiency is improved without active participation in the programme.

Emera Maine will use the programme to meet peak demands and understand how it can use the system to improve its deployment of distributed energy resources in the area.

Commenting on the development, Robert Belliveau, vice president of Engineering and Operations at Emera Maine, said: “This project will help us gain the knowledge of how this technology can maximize the life of our existing equipment and respond to peak demand in a smarter way through more efficient energy use.

“Voltage optimization has the potential to deliver significant cost savings for our customers. We look forward to working with DVI on this important project.”

Todd Headlee, executive director, DVI. “Emera Maine will join our other utility customers who have successfully leveraged their existing AMI infrastructure and the DVI EDGE platform to deliver reliable energy savings every single day to their customers.”

Voltage optimisation

Meanwhile, US energy provider Ameren Illinois selected Dominion Voltage to modernise its grid and implement energy efficiency projects.

Ameren Illinois is having its grid system integrated with Dominion Voltage’s Volt/VAR optimisation solution to help consumers improve their energy efficiency without changing energy consumption behaviours.

The installation of the VVO solution started in June and is expected to be completed before the end of the year. Read more…


Image credit: 123rf.