Washington utility creates digital twin of electricity network


This week, IQGeo said that it is helping Peninsula Light, a small electric coop in Washington state, to create a digital twin of its electric network, which will include a new mobile meter deployment capability.  

The software has enabled Peninsula Light to digitize the rollout a major meter upgrade project that will see line crews and operational personnel using the IQGeo mobile software to install 33,000 new meters during 2020. 

In the past, Peninsula Light crews relied on manual systems and multiple applications with often inconsistent data to view project status and customer information, said the company. Providing a single source of truth, the IQGeo Platform integrates data from Esri, CIS meter data and active meter service orders into a geospatial view that can be accessed by users across the organization, according to the company.

This same consolidated geospatial view is also synced to iPads that can work offline without a network connection for employees in rural locations where mobile phone or WiFi signals are not available, said IQGeo.

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All meter service orders are now assigned to field crews and collated and validated within the platform. Plus, field crews can now perform meter installations, complete forms, confirm checks have been conducted, capture photos as needed, and share these data updates to improve collaboration through the mobile solution. They can also activate the meters directly from the field using their tablets using a connection from IQGeo to Verizon Grid Wide. The information is then sent back to the CIS and system for post-processing. 

Finally, the platform will also be visible to customers through the company’s website. Customers will be able to view a meter installation progress map so they can immediately see and monitor the status of their meter installation. 

Amy Grice, Manager of System Engineering and Operational Technologies at Peninsula Light, said the platform is “a real eye opener,” adding, “It gives us all the data we need in one place, delivering a live view of the field from the office without the need for custom coding. It’s all right there and ready to use.”

Grice said the utility anticipates saving 2-5 minutes per meter installation with the new platform.

Jay Cadman, GM of IQGeo Americas, said: “The flexibility of our platform means that the opportunities are endless if you have an inventive customer, and we’re now working on phase two that will see us add even more features including integrated vehicle location and current meter status. We’re looking forward to Peninsula Light realizing the many benefits of the IQGeo Platform and continuing to develop and grow the solution to provide even safer and more reliable customer service.”

This story first appeared on our sister-site, POWERGRID International.