Water AMR in the country

Water Meter Image

Channahon, IL, USA — (METERING.COM) — July 25, 2006 – The trustees of the north-eastern Illinois Village of Channahon have today approved plans for the installation of a radio-based automatic water meter reading system.

The plan is part of an initiative to upgrade the telecoms system in the Village, – there currently being an ordinance in place requiring residents to have a traditional landline telephone in their homes, in order to accommodate the current water meter reading system. Village president Joe Cook says that residents are unhappy about this requirement and that once the meter system is in place the ordinance can be overturned.

The new system is also expected to improve the meter reading process, which has been hampered by poor reception over the telephone lines of readings from the modem-based meters.

The contract for the supply of the AMR system has been awarded to Northern Water Works Supply of Fargo, North Dakota.