US city selects Fathom to upgrade metering infrastructure


In a combined statement, Fathom Water Management said it will provide Arcadia city with the company’s complete smart water solution and managed services including a customer information system, an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), a meter data management system and an online customer portal.

With the CIS, Arcadia city is expected to improve its water billing processes and call centre services whilst the AMI will help the city improve its revenue collection through accuracy in water billing.

The AMI system and online customer portal will enable consumers to improve their water efficiency through access to real-time water consumption data and recommendations on how to improve management of their water consumption.

The AMI system will include some 3,500 smart water meters and will help the city increase the lifespan of its water distribution infrastructure and reduce its operational costs and non-revenue expenses through quick identification of leaks.

The project is expected to be deployed through to December 2017 and once completed, the project will provide residents in Arcadia with  more options to pay their water bills.

The programme is being financed by Fathom through its ‘Fathom Capital’ programme.

Trevor Hill, CEO of FATHOM, said: “Modern water utilities need tools built for the 21st century.

“Many communities across the United States still rely on older methods such as manual transcription of meter data for leak detection and customer billing. We’re proud to update Arcadia’s tools and bring new data-driven insights and cost-savings to the local community.”

AMI meters and water billing

In the last quarter of 2016, the city of Snowmass in Colorado deployed Fathom’s smart water solution to improve management of its water distribution network.

According to a press statement, the city’s Water and Sanitation District (SWSD) deployed Fathom’s water distribution system management software for integration with some 1,300 smart water meters developed by Neptune.

The deployment of the solution has helped SWSD improve its customer service by helping consumers reduce water usage and bills.

The project has allowed customers of SWSD to access their water consumption data in real-time and pay their bills online. Read more…


Image credit: 123rf.