Canadian town modernises water distribution with Sensus


According to a statement, the town integrated the AMI solution developed by Sensus with its water distribution infrastructure to help consumers improve their water efficiency.

The AMI solution included some 8,400 Sensus IPERL water meters for residential and commercial customers as well as the company’s FlexNet communication network to provide connectivity for the smart water meters.

Commenting on the development, Chris Radford, director of infrastructure and operations at Okotoks town, said: “We needed an upgrade and opted for a solution that would allow us to detect abnormal water usage sooner, supporting water conservation efforts in real-time.

“The real-time data allows us to work with customers over the phone, pull up their information and address issues around high usage.”

The project was deployed in partnership with EPCOR Water Services and will help the town improve its revenue collection through automated and accurate water billing. In addition, the smart water meters will help reduce the town’s operating costs associated with manual meter readings.

“We no longer have technicians risking their safety when entering customers’ yards to read meters manually. Weather, especially icy walking conditions, dogs and even hidden obstacles, is always a safety concern for our meter readers,” added Darren Peel, manager, Okotoks operations at EPCOR.

Okotoks plans to launch an online portal for consumers which will be used to support the town’s sustainability programmes. The online portal will be used as a platform to improve consumer awareness on the latest smart city technologies.

Despite the rollout of the AMI solution, consumers in Okotoks town have over the few years managed to keep their water consumption levels low.

“… the town boasts one of the lowest per capita gross water consumption rates in North America — 50 liters per capita per day lower than the Canadian national average,” says a statement.

Upgrades to water distribution infrastructure

In other water news, the City of Lakeland in Florida announced that it has leveraged its investment in Sensus’ FlexNet system to create remote water monitoring stations using its smart gateway sensor interface.

The Florida city required a remote water monitoring solution that would alleviate the very time-consuming, resource-draining task of manually monitoring lake levels, especially during the nearly four-month rainy season. Read more…


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