Partnership to deliver machine learning solution to US water sector


US-based utilities software firm Franca partnered with non-revenue water loss management solutions company Utility Services Associates to help utilities reduce non-revenue water in a cost effective manner.

The two companies will deliver a solution of big data and machine learning to the US water industry.

Utility Services Associates will provide municipalities and water companies with a leak detection technology, Fracta-LT, developed by Franca to quickly and simply locate the worst-performing pipes within water networks.

The use of Franca-LT will deliver three times the number of found leaks compared to a randomly chosen area.

The technology will help reduce operational and non-revenue expenses for US utilities, that commonly experience 75% of water main-related leaks in a mere 25% of water main pipes. Utilities’ non-revenues continue to rise in the US due to the ageing nature of water infrastructure.

Rob Meston, President of Utility Services Associates had this to say, “We believe this is going to revolutionize pipe condition assessment and the leak detection and water loss industry. It’s more important than ever to leverage the incredible technology available to help guide infrastructure decisions and ensure efficient spending”.

“…Today, machine learning helps water system operators detect leaks in water pipes more efficiently, much like CAD (Computer-Aided Design) did in designing water systems in the 1970s,” said Takashi Kato, CEO at Franca.