North Carolina town buys software suite to boost water management


In a combined statement, the solutions provider said it will provide the town with multiple water management technologies on a single platform.

The deal is expected to help the town’s water department increase its revenue collection and customer service.

In addition, the integrated solution will help water consumers better manage water usage to lower bills through provision of real time consumption data.

The water management suite comprises Fathom’s customer information system and meter data management to manage the town’s billing, revenue and advanced metering services.

Fathom claims that the town’s water department will have access to 720 readings per meter per month by deploying the solution.

Deployment of the technology is expected to last until the end of 2016.

[quote] The project is expected to help the town meet growing demand for water due to a rapid increase in population as stated in the town’s 20-year infrastructure development plan created  in 2006.

Trevor Hill, CEO of Fathom, commented: “Utilities today need solutions that are proven, low-risk and can easily scale to match population growth.”

Heidi Lamay, finance director at Hillborough, added:  “Now that we’re on a single platform, we no longer have to spend resources on managing and integrating data from different software and hardware. We’re implementing a streamlined process for resolving important issues like customer billing inquiries and detecting water leakage, and we expect our response time to significantly improve as a result of this switch.”

Hillsborough is the first town in North Carolina to implement the FATHOM Smart Grid for Water. [US firms launch R&D facility for water technologies].

Water management in the US

In late June, FATHOM partnered with the water department in the city of Copperas Cove in Texas to assist in water distribution management.

The 15 year collaboration will allow the solutions provider to supply its smart grid for water portfolio to the city. The portfolio comprises infrastructure, software, services and utility billing and customer care operations.

In a press statement, FATHOM claims its solution will help the utility to improve its billing and revenue collection as well as enhance network management through real time insight into how the utility’s 33,000 customers use water. [Neptune adds FATHOM’s meter data tech to water utility partner program].

Commenting on the development, Andrea Gardner, city manager of Copperas Cove, said: “Over the next few years, our city is committed to improving revenue, decreasing water loss and improving customer service. As water resources grow increasingly volatile, we’re implementing a big data management solution to help us build a resilient water system.”


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