Water meter changeout progressing well


Port St. Lucie, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 19, 2007 – The St. Lucie Utility Systems Department is replacing its manually read water meters with a radio read system, and benefits are already apparent. The Neptune E-Coder R900i radio read water meters from Neptune Technology Group allow meters to be read more quickly, enable faster detection of water leaks, and can identify meters that have been tampered with more easily.

The new meters are read using a drive-by system. The Utility Systems Department has over 60,000 customers, and any new customers automatically receive one of the new meters. Existing customers are given a new meter whenever they experience a problem with their old meter. Thus far fewer than 10,000 radio read meters have been deployed; the Department expects the total rollout to take several years to complete.