US dept announces US$2.93m funding for water projects


The funding will be used to enhance research and development of the water treatment technologies.

The projects implementing research into the deployment of the technologies will receive the funding through the department of Reclamation’s Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse programme.

[quote] In total, the Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse project will provide US$1,15 million to nine projects in the western states.

Through the Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse, the Bureau collaborates with local governments to plan, design, and construct water recycling and reuse projects in the 17 western states and Hawaii

Programmes in new locations, focusing on developing new water treatment plants or wanting to implement a two-year water treatment pilot will acquire the grants via the Desalination and Water Purification Research (DWPR) initiative.

The DWPR will provide US$150,000 in grants to each project shortlisted to benefit from the funding.

Estevan Lopez, commissioner at the Bereau of Reclamation, said: “In a number of Western river basins, Reclamation and its partners are seeing demands for water exceed traditional supplies.

“Funding research into new water treatment technologies will expand the number of water supply resource options,” added Lopez. [US allocates US$37.5bn for energy and smart water projects].

Some of the beneficiaries of the DWPR grants include the city of Los Angeles which will use its funding to deploy a pilot to assess the ability of its water treatment technologies to maximize water recovery.

US water treatment projects

In mid April, global smart water management company SUEZ was signed by the town of Putnam, in Windham County, Connecticut to manage its water and wastewater systems.

Under the US$30 million contract, the company will manage the town’s water network consisting of a 7,6 millions of gallons per day (mgd) wastewater treatment facility and its collection system, 10 sewerage pump stations and 88,6 miles of its sewer main.

In addition, SUEZ will operate and maintain Putnam’s water system comprising 10 wells providing 1,1 mgd a day to the community, two storage tanks, approximately 250 fire hydrants, 750 valves and 38 miles of its water main.

The water management companies are also targeting the deployment of smart water meters within the project’s first 18 months to reduce leaks and ensure accurate water billing.

The project falls under the town’s plan to invest more than US$40 million to improve its water infrastructure.


Image credit: Khouri Group.