Watt-hour meter Bluetooth certification


MET Laboratories has announced the expansion of its certification programme to include Bluetooth-enabled metering systems. Bluetooth technology allows remote meter reading with wireless short range radio modules, enabling multiple submeters to be read by a single host meter. Digital meters with established accuracies may be seriously affected by the installation of Bluetooth chips, and the MET Laboratories’ certification provides confidence that the installation of Bluetooth devices does not adversely affect the meter’s accuracy.

In addition the certification of Watt-hour meters confirms that the meter continues to comply with the ANSI C12 requirements after the Bluetooth device has been installed.

MET has recently entered into a strategic alliance with SGS US Testing Company Inc. (SGS USTC) in the areas of testing, auditing and certification services for industrial, consumer, electrical and electronic equipment (E&E segment). This alliance will provide MET with access to the SGS worldwide network.