Web Services Integration via Multiple Standards


Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI) has released its OPTIMUM™ Version 1.0 – a new software solution that provides web service integration to third party software applications via the MultiSpeak™ and other web service standards. Most of the OPTIMUM methods can be used in real time, enabling a utility to use multiple software platforms together in time-critical operational scenarios such as managing power outages and on-line bill preparation.

MultiSpeak has identified many standard methods of implementation in order to provide the ability for AMI systems and to send and receive data to and from other utility software systems. OPTIMUM 1.0 implements an initial set of methods found to be most in demand by DCSI’s customers; subsequent releases will expand support for numerous interface options. The software can be purchased bundled with a fully configured and tested web services computer, or as an individual software system that can be integrated onto a utility’s existing web services machine.