Weightless standards group formed to accelerate ‘white space’ wireless standard


Professor William
Webb, CEO,
Santa Clara, U.S.A. and London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — January 15, 2013 – A new special interest group (SIG)was established recently to accelerate the adoption globally of the Weightless ‘white space’ wireless standard for machine to machine (M2M) short to mid-range communications.

The first companies to sign the SIG promoter agreement are ARM, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, CSR and Neul.

“This is a very important milestone for Weightless,” said CEO Professor William Webb. “The SIG now has a board comprising leading players spanning processors, networks, chipsets and innovative wireless technologies.Weightless has gained a solid legal framework enabling royalty free licensing of terminal related technology.”

The SIG was formed to coordinate and enable all the activities needed to deliver the Weightless standard.

The Weightless standard, which is on track for completion in early 2013, aims to enable M2M systems featuring a chipset cost of less than US$2, a range of up to 10km, and a battery life of 10 years.

Following the release of version 0.9 in November, work on the more than 300 page specification has focused on validation of the specification, including consistent use of terminology, glossary terms, cross referencing, use of diagrams, etc., in preparation for ultimate submission to an accredited standards body.

‘White space’ spectrum is the unused portions of the spectrum band in and around TV transmissions. It is believed to meet all of the requirements for M2M communications, being unlicensed, plentiful and with excellent propagation.