West View Water Authority improves data collection


Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 3, 2007 – Improved customer service, minimal infrastructure requirements, and lower life-cycle costs are three primary benefits that officials of West View Water Authority (WVWA) say they will gain from the new meter data collection system they purchased from Sensus Metering Systems.

West View consists of both urban and suburban environments, which include hilly terrains that pose geographical meter reading challenges. But Sensus’ FlexNet system avoided the need to buy a large infrastructure to cover WVWA’s 100 square mile territory. WVWA will install about 53,000 end points utilizing the patented FlexNet system, an RF (radio frequency) wireless fixed base system. The single-tiered FlexNet architecture and FlexNet’s primary use license system that provides 2 watts of power, allows for greater transmitter range from minimal infrastructure, which in turn is lowering operating costs.

“Sensus caught our attention when its system required a smaller infrastructure than other options, and had the lowest life cycle cost,” says Daniel J. Dannenmueller, West View Water Authority Service Superintendent. “When you couple those lower costs with the addition of hourly reads, which will enhance our customer service, it became obvious that Sensus was the best solution for our Authority.”

WVWA previously did quarterly, estimated reads. The enhanced system will collect actual usage rates, and also will save customers unnecessary costs by detecting leaks or problems in the field almost immediately.