Whitby Hydro benefits from email billing solution


Whitby, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — November 14, 2007 – Whitby Hydro Energy Services Corporation has significantly reduced billing costs and improved payment times, while elevating customer service to new levels, since the introduction of Striata’s secure email billing solution. This solution offers the utility automated and immediate electronic bill delivery and presentment, as well significant cost savings due to paper turn off.

Whitby Hydro can now effectively track and report on all bill delivery and payments, as well as benefit from improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and enhanced customer service.

"Whitby Hydro is continuously looking for innovative ways to improve on customer service, while reducing billing costs. Striata’s eBilling solution is ideal; it has successfully met our requirements, while maximizing customer enrolment," says Paul Elliot, Vice President of Customer Services at Whitby Hydro.

The utility’s strong customer focus led to the search for an eBilling solution that can be 100% personalized, allowing for targeted marketing and other notifications such as regulatory information to be included. Striata’s ‘Push’ email billing solution matched Whitby Hydro’s requirements. The solution affords customers the convenience of receiving a fully personalized utility bill in the form of an encrypted PDF file directly in their email inbox. A key feature is that customers don’t have to log-in to a secure website to collect it. Viewing the encrypted eBill is straightforward; the recipient simply enters a ‘shared secret’, typically a zip/post code or company tax ID and the complete itemized bill opens as an offline PDF.

Customers can pay their bills immediately. A simple click-through function embedded in the secure email bill enables payments to be made through all eight banks in Canada. A ‘1-click print’ facility is also available for those who would like a hard copy of their bill.

Multiple invoices can be consolidated into a single email for businesses and other customers with many accounts, and a data file can be included for convenient uploading into customer’s accounting system.

The Striata system provides Whitby Hydro with detailed reporting and enhanced bill usage visibility by tracking open rates, undeliverables, customer replies and new subscribers. Marketing material can be included in both the eBill and the cover email, whilst Striata’s eBilling solution tracks all click-through activity, enabling strategic marketing decisions to be made.