Wi-SUN – certification process completed for wireless smart utility network products


Phil Beecher,
Wi-SUN Alliance
Pleasanton, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 12, 2013

The Wi-SUN Alliance has completed the development of its certification process for wireless smart utility network devices using IEEE802.15.4g – which means that Wi-SUN PHY certified products assuring seamless interoperable deployment on utility networks will soon be coming onto the market.

During the Alliance’s fourth interoperability testing event, held at TUV Rheinland labs in Pleasanton, CA, vendors and test equipment manufacturers executed the full suite of physical layer conformance and interoperability tests soon to be published by the Alliance.
In addition, Alliance members validated the applicability of the Wi-SUN PHY test specifications as the foundation for key areas of utility networks, including field area networks and home area networks. Participants also performed further testing of the Wi-SUN Field Area Network and Wi-SUN ECHONET profiles, both of which incorporate the Wi-SUN PHY and higher level protocols as part of their specifications.

“Completion of the PHY specification, and verification of the PHY test specifications, each marks a major step in establishing the Wi-SUN Alliance certification program,” said Wi-SUN Alliance chair, Phil Beecher. “We are rapidly approaching the time when a ‘Wi-SUN certified’ logo will provide buyers confidence that the products in question have been formally validated to be interoperable.”