Wireless network-as-a-service partnership drives water metering applications


Senet and Neptune Technology have announced a partnership to implement wireless network-as-a-service infrastructure technology for water metering applications in North America.

Senet is a global provider of cloud-based software and services platforms to enable network connectivity build-out and management for the Internet of Things.

Neptune Technology Group specialises in the development of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies.

The two solution providers will implement water endpoints in the LPWAN to help boost efficiencies and accelerate sustainability efforts.

LORA wireless network solutions

Using Neptune’s new, LoRa-enabled L900 series and combining these metering units with Senet’s LoRa LPWAN will provide a  connectivity solution to help water utility customers and municipalities.

“Together with Senet, we are providing an innovative solution that facilitates advanced metering infrastructure for water utilities, removing the burden of having to deploy and maintain the network infrastructure themselves,” said Chuck Brunson, Neptune’s director of marketing.

“By implementing Neptune’s L900 system under a Senet-managed LoRaWAN network, cities and water utilities can implement Neptune’s value-added measurement, software and communication technologies – supporting their journey as Smart Cities. We are excited to engage in this partnership with Senet.”

“As utilities, municipalities and solution providers look at the total cost of ownership of IoT technologies LoRaWAN has key advantages that make it the preferred choice for a variety of applications, including water metering,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO & President for Senet.

“We are excited to be working with Neptune to solve some of the most demanding connectivity requirements within the Internet of Things and bring real value to utilities throughout North America.”