Women are more aware of energy conservation issues, research finds


Paul Shervill,
Vice President
& Sector
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — April 25, 2008 – The Environics Research Group has released the results of a survey into energy conservation attitudes and actions in Ontario, Canada – and reveals that women are much more aware of the need for a change in behavior.

Seven out of ten Green Champions (the most idealistic conservers) are women, and these Green Champions make up 23 per cent of the population. Pragmatic Conservers, on the other hand – those who will take everyday steps to save energy, but who will not make sacrifices to do so – are mainly men. This category represents just over 30 percent of the population.

The year-long research and analysis project found that a total of four categories could be used to describe the attitudes of just about all Ontarians to energy conservation: Green Champions, Pragmatic Conservers, Budget-Driven and Live-for-Today. The research is helping to shape activities planned for Energy Conservation Week, May 25-31, 2008.

The Ontario Power Authority – the organization charged with stimulating and coordinating the province’s electricity conservation efforts – is also using the research findings to develop its conservation programs. The OPA has posted the Electric Personality Quiz on its website so that electricity consumers can find out what kind of conserver they are and receive tips on how to move up to the next category.

"The knowledge from this research is incorporated into our conservation programs and has been shared with our local electricity distribution partners," says Ontario Power Authority Vice President Conservation and Sector Development Paul Shervill. "They will help us reach out more effectively to everyone to conserve – not just during Energy Conservation Week, but over the long term.”

"What we we’ve learned through this research is valuable for achieving the ‘culture of conservation’ Ontario must cultivate," says Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love. "Through Energy Conservation Week, we hope to reach out to all Ontarians, whatever type they may fit into, and to motivate them to think about conservation, to believe they can make a difference and to take action."