World’s first Wi-Fi-enabled smart meters deployed


Burbank Water and Power (BWP), in collaboration with SmartSynch, has begun deploying the world’s first Wi-Fi-enabled smart meters, which will operate on a new municipal Wi-Fi network deployed by BWP.

The utility supplies 45,000 households and 6,000 businesses with water and electricity. Once fully deployed, the municipal Wi-Fi network will cover the entire city and the Wi-Fi-enabled SmartMeters will monitor BWP’s entire energy load.

Traditionally, BWP received electricity usage information from meters once a month. If electricity demand exceeded the supply, BWP would buy expensive power on the open market or conduct voluntary reductions. The Wi-Fi-enabled smart meters will overcome this problem, improving energy efficiency and generation margins and reducing impact on the environment and expenses by providing two-way communications, automating processes and giving customers a means to make informed decisions about their electricity use.

To support the smart meter rollout BWP is deploying a standards-based municipal Wi-Fi network to support the real-time delivery of energy usage data between the Wi-Fi-enabled smart meters and the utility. /