Utility in Minnessota partners for summer energy efficiency pilot


Under the pilot, Xcel Energy will employ Tendril’s demand side management platform Orchestrated Energy to optimise consumer Wi-Fi controlled smart thermostats.

The pilot is launching this August and is expected to help reduce cooling peak load by 50% and overall energy consumption from cooling by 20%.

Xcel Energy and customer service

Dan Nygaard, vice president of customer solutions at Xcel Energy, commented: “At Xcel Energy, we’re always looking to deliver additional value to our customers, and working with Tendril Orchestrated Energy on this pilot program is a new way we can deliver on that promise to our customers.”

“We are excited to see how this pilot programme performs and have high expectations for its ability to help our customers save money without having to sacrifice their comfort.”

Orchestrated Energy will be integrated with smart thermostats for consumers to be able to schedule the operation of heating and cooling systems throughout a day in line with their preferences, local weather and home characteristics, using less energy.

In addition, consumers can use the MyHome mobile app to access scheduled cooling temperature ranges and times from anywhere.

The pilot is expected to help reduce strain on Excel’s grid system.

Adrian Tuck, CEO of Tendril, added: “To be selected by Xcel Energy, one of the most innovative utilities in the country, shows that others share our vision for changing how demand side management can and will work in the future by better-utilizing assets already on the grid.”

Energy efficiency trends

In related news, in the US state of California, Redding Electric Utility is set to launch an energy efficiency programme to help consumers reduce energy usage and costs following an approval from its owner, the Redding City Council, to expand its portfolio of demand side management initiatives.

Under the energy efficiency programme, Redding Electric Utility is partnering with PG&E, the California Department of Community Services and Development and the Local Self-Help Home Improvement Project. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.