Xcel Energy moves to electronic meters


Xcel Energy, a major US electricity and natural gas company, has signed a contract with Itron Inc. for the purchase of 6000 advanced solid-state meters equipped with SmartSynch’s SmartMeter® technology. The automated Elster A3 meters, which transmit energy usage data via wireless communications networks, will be installed at hard to access and security sensitive customer locations. The new technology will allow Xcel Energy to avoid on-premise reads and eliminate estimated reads.

The SmartMeter system interfaces seamlessly with Itron’s MV-90 data collection system. The technology inside the meter monitors consumption and other data in real time, and assesses and reacts to alerted conditions as they occur, providing a flow of information that can be analysed and applied to delivery system efficiency and reliability.

The SmartMeter System combines public wireless networks, under-glass modules and web-based software. Its plug-and-play nature results in easy installation and supports a rapid deployment schedule.

www.xcelenergy.com / www.itron.com