Duke Energy upgrades Notrees energy storage plant


US utility, Duke Energy, in partnership with Younicos, have successfully completed upgrading the utility’s energy storage system at Notrees Windpower plant in West Texas.

The two have replaced lead acid batteries with Samsung SDI Lithium-ion batteries on the 36MW energy storage system.

The upgrade increases the duration of energy being discharged by the system into ERCOT’s fast Response Regulation Services market.

In addition, the development will enable Duke Energy to offer new ancillary services, which are currently being designed by ERCOT.

The upgrade began in 2016 and was implemented in two phases to avoid interrupting the operations of the system.

Jeff Wehner, vice president operations, Duke Energy Renewables, said: “Investing in updated technology will extend the life of the project, enhance performance and reliability, and expand the value it provides to the ERCOT market.”

The energy storage system stores clean electricity generated from Duke Energy’s 153MW wind farm.

Developed in 2012 using funds secured from the Department of Energy, the energy storage plant is claimed to be one of the largest integrated with wind generation in North America.

In its smart energy plan, Duke Energy wants to improve the resilience of its energy system against bad weather.

The energy company will over the next three years invest up to $3 billion to improve its response time during storms and outages in South Carolina. Read more…

Energy storage funding

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources issued $20 million in grants to 26 energy storage projects.

The grants will be issued through the Energy Storage Initiative Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage programme.

Renewable energy developer, NuGen Capital Management is one the beneficiaries.

David Milner, the CEO of NuGen Capital Management, commented: “We are pleased to be part of the growing demand and interest in energy storage solutions needed/required for the 21st century.

“We look forward to working with the State of Massachusetts, Unitil and the local community to be amongst the first investors in utility scale battery storage projects in New England. We have made a corporate commitment to invest in more energy storage projects over the coming months and years.”


Image credit: 123rf