Z-Wave Alliance: Boston start-up announced winner of IoT developer competition

Z-Wave Alliance
The Z-Wave Alliance, advocate for Z-Wave wireless home control technology, has announced Boston start-up Embue as the winner of its IoT developer competition

In the US, the Z-Wave Alliance, a consortium comprising of over 300 companies in the home technology market, has announced the winner of its Internet of Things (IoT) developer competition.

The Z-Wave Alliance has awarded Embue, a Boston-based start-up focused on empowering multifamily property managers to tackle energy and operational waste – the Z-Wave Labs Prize.

The Z-Wave Labs Prize is the Alliance’s IoT developer competition open to start-up companies and entrepreneurs looking to bring Z-Wave products to the market.

The competition aims to support and incentivize innovation on the Z-Wave platform and lower the barrier of entry for new companies to develop IoT products.

Mary Miller, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Sigma Designs and a Principal Board member of the Z-Wave Alliance said: “The Z-Wave Alliance recognises the importance of start-ups and disrupters in the industry both to jump start innovation but also to accelerate widespread adoption of smart home and IoT technology.”

Embue powered by Z-Wave

According to the Digital Journal, Embue’s solution “goes beyond the thermostat to connect a building’s energy infrastructure.”

It adds that Embue’s cloud delivers a predictive building management platform, while its smart device app provides building managers and tenants’ with knowledge about their units.

The start-up’s solution is focused on lowering expenses and creating efficiencies to allow buildings to do the talking, walking and problem solving for its owners.

As the recipients of the Z-Wave Labs Prize, Embue will receive Z-Wave Alliance membership and access to the new Z-Wave IoT ready 500 series development kits.

Robert Cooper, President and CEO of Embue commented: “We want to create a truly connected energy system for our customers to give them not only control over their environment but also the opportunities to have that environment manage itself.

He added: “In order for these services to be the super achievers behind smart apartments, Embue needs a robust network infrastructure. By adding Z-Wave to our connected capabilities, we will extend that network and the selection of devices that work with our ecosystem.”