ZBB Energy changes name to EnSync to reflect hybrid solutions

ZBB Energy, now known as EnSync, has developed a building energy storage system with hybrid applications

US energy management systems company ZBB Energy has rebranded to call itself EnSync to reflect the expansion of the company from energy storage to supply advanced energy management systems for electricity generation and distribution from renewable energy sources.

Brad Hansen, CEO and president of the company, said that over the past year, the company has introduced business models such as the advanced Matrix Energy Management system to manage a complex environment of AC and DC inputs and outputs.

The EnSync Energy Systems can leverage many combinations of applications, including supply response, time-of-use, frequency regulation, back-up power, peak shaving, demand charge clipping and islanding.

The company is active in Hawaii with implementing behind the meter energy storage integrating with solar distributed generation.

It also signed a power purchase agreement in Hawaii that utilises distributed solar generation and energy storage behind the meter.

In May 2015, EnSync launched an energy storage system for behind-the-meter applications in commercial, industrial, multi-tenant and resort buildings.

The Agile Hybrid Series can provide buildings with 10 or more different applications for energy storage, ranging from very short UPS-type applications lasting seconds or minutes, to ‘rate or demand shift’ applications lasting several hours and backup applications for longer term outages.

Mr Hansen said: “We also introduced our Agile™ Hybrid Storage systems for commercial and industrial buildings that enable applications that require different energy storage technologies to be performed at the same time.”

Internet of energy

On the subject of the internet of energy, Hansen said there are “major discontinuities and fragmentations beginning to occur in the generation and distribution of electricity. EnSync will not just be a beneficiary of these, but indeed will create and drive them.”

EnSync technology enables exactly this opportunity and future-proofs buildings by easily accommodating additions in generation capacity, the introduction of storage, utility programs or any of the numerous evolutions that will certainly take place within the lifetime of what is typically a 20 year asset.

EnSync is a US-headquartered global company with a joint venture in AnHui, China at Meineng Energy, as well as a partnership with Lotte Chemical in South Korea.