The development of plug-and-play interoperability for smart grid Neighbourhood Area Networks (NAN) took a step closer through the work of global association for wireless energy solutions ZigBee Alliance.

A group of smart metering and smart grid companies within the alliance are developing an interoperable wireless IPv6 communication profile based on international open IEEE and IETF standards.

The profile would give true plug-and-play interoperability between the members’ wireless smart grid NANs.

NAN is defined as an outdoor access network that connects smart meters and distribution automation devices to Wide Area Network (WAN) gateways such as RF collectors or data concentrators and field devices.

This follows a global requirement from regulators and utilities for standards-based interoperable NANs, which would give utilities greater flexibility in choosing vendors and products.

The ZigBee Alliance has committed to keeping a register of certified smart meter and smart grid products to give utilities reassurance.

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