ZigBee Alliance welcomes Midea Group as new member


ZigBee members with Promoter status have access to final, approved specifications, use of the ZigBee Member logo, participation in interoperability events, and access to standard work/task group documents and development activities.

According to a company release, the Midea Group is considered to be “one of the most valuable and recognized electronics brands in China, known for affordable, high-quality consumer appliances and air conditioning systems”.

[quote] The electronics manufacturer is said to be one of the early adopters of ZigBee Alliance technologies for home appliances that deliver “smart” functionality, a rapidly emerging product category in the connected home.

Dr. Ethan Xue, Director of Product Strategy and Operations, Midea Group, said: “Midea is dedicated to creating innovative products and open smart life service operating platforms that support a comfortable lifestyle.

“… Participating in the Alliance at the Promoter and Board levels allows us to invest further in our goals by working with other major brand leaders and technologists to design and deliver around the promise of the Internet of Things, which is the future of consumer products.”

Increasing demand for smart home

John E. Osborne II, chairman of the board for the ZigBee Alliance and general manager, The Kroger Co. R&D, said: “Interest in the smart home continues to gain traction and as an industry it is critical to develop products that resonate with consumers while at the same time connect with each other to ensure a satisfying experience for the end user.”

He added: “Midea’s expertise in product design and the Alliance’s leadership in the wireless IoT movement makes for good synergy and opportunity. We’re especially pleased to have Midea join our Board of Directors.”

Midea Group joins Comcast Cable, Itron Inc., The Kroger Co., Landis+Gyr, Legrand Group, NXP Semiconductors, Philips, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, SmartThings, Texas Instruments and Wulian on the ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors.