Study ranks top 15 US smart meter installers

US utilities installed 70.8 million smart meters in 2016, according to an analysis made by Zpryme from data gathered by the Energy Information Agency.

Zpryme made the analysis to understand the overall penetration of smart meters in the US. According to the analysis, the country’s smart meter penetration hit 47% in 2016.

Amongst the utilities which installed the highest number of smart meters, PG&E deployed 5.20 million, Southern California Edison 5.02 million, FPL 4.94 million, Oncor 3.42 million and ComEd installed 3.04 million units.

Other utilities ranked amongst the top 15 smart meter installers include San Diego Gas & Electric which deployed 1.42 million units and the Arizona Public Service which equipped 1.19 million consumers with the new metering technology.

Energy providers ranked in the top 15 installers of smart meters accounted for 55% of all advanced metering units deployed in the US last year.

Amongst the 70.8 million smart meters, 11% had a home area network and 60% had digital display access.

The analysis found that only 8.6% of the US Smart Grid Investment Grant were invested in customer systems.

Jason Rodriguez, CEO of Zpryme, commented: “The U.S. has made impressive progress over the past 10 years when it comes to installing not just smart meters, but in developing a more advanced and resilient electric grid.

“We hope to see major investments in the near-term in consumer engagement and education that help energy consumers to take full advantage of the smart grid infrastructure put in place over the past 10 years.”

Smart meter rollout

Earlier on this month, utility subsidiaries of Consolidated Edison kickstarted installation of advanced metering infrastructure.

Con Edison Company of New York and Orange & Rockland Utilities have started deploying advanced electric meters following a successful initial rollout of a meter data management software.

OMNETRIC Group, a joint venture of Siemens and Accenture, integrated its EnergyIP meter data management software with utilities’ grid networks.

The software will enable the two utility companies to acquire, process and store consumer energy usage data in near real time. Read more…


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